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The Potential

Answering Some of Healthcare's Most Persistent Issues

Despite the robust appearance of healthcare systems on the surface, insiders will acknowledge the many deep rooted shortcomings that have been plaguing the sector. These issues are especially prevalent in developing countries, and especially damaging during times such as a global pandemic. Alongside the Project X framework, CoviCoin will serve as a globally adopted currency that puts an end to these issues.

Unfair allocation of medical supplies
Financial difficulties of developing nations
Delay in care provision due to red tapes
Lack of insurance coverage

Compelling Reasons for Global Adoption

From the immense transactional freedom through a unified healthcare framework, to the decreased financial inequality as a result of algorithmic allocation of charity funds, the reasons for adoption of CoviCoin as detailed in the White Paper are aplenty. On top of these draws, generous onboarding baits are also in store to spark rapid global adoption of the currency.

A Vast Audience

Being a healthcare currency, CoviCoin is relevant to pretty much any individual or organisation. While governments, hospitals or clinics may use CoviCoin to procure supplies from medical MNCs, individuals use it for insurance or healthcare subsidies through CoviHub portal. Simply said, there exists boundless global appeal for CoviCoin.












An Experienced Team

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