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Frontline Worker Sign Up

Sign up for the gift of 50,000 CoviCoins. Every application will be
put through a background verification prior to approval.


The qualification criteria is simple - you must be a frontline worker constantly exposed to COVID-19 at this point, and have worked as one for at least 6 months. For clarity, these are broad categories that we classify as frontline workers:

• Healthcare and First Responders
• Food and Grocery Workers
• Essential Services
• Sanitation Workers

*As all applications are assessed on a case by case basis, you are encouraged to sign up even if you are unsure of your eligibility. Do note that all applications are subject to our final approval.

Process of Claiming CoviCoins

Sign Up Below

Furnish necessary info ranging from your name and contact info, to details on your role as a frontline worker. All info will be handled securely.

Await Verification

Sit back and relax as we assess your application and perform the necessary due digilence. If need be, we will reach out to you for further information.

Receive CoviCoins

You will be notified upon successful verification, and receive support on getting the necessary done (eg. setup wallet) to receive your CoviCoins.

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal is to have CoviCoin recognised as a mainstream healthcare currency in the next 3 years.

Till then, the value of CoviCoins will continue to appreciate and can be cashed out into cold hard cash out at any time. Just a tip - you may wish to hold off selling for now and wait for its peak value (i.e beyond 1000X initial listing value) that is expected to occur sometime in 2023 based on our roadmap.

Certainly! If you believe in this project, do not hesitate to purchase more!

You could, but be sure to research thoroughly on a project before going in. The decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies makes it susceptible to a variety of undesirable schemes.

A fairly broad range, from scouring public databases to employer verification. We partner with various professional background check agencies to carry out this process.