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Frequently Asked Questions

The contract address is 0xc6f0a9b75fa529dcc0f90459e30684e7ed9a9ea6, view it on BscScan here.

Yes, CoviCoin is launched an can now be purchased through Pancakeswap. It is currently going through a foundational phase to bring about more price stability and encourage long term investment in the project.

CoviCoin is built as an alternative currency for global healthcare, and is also the principal currency of Project X - a unified global framework for healthcare systems.

By progressing through several key milestones, CoviCoin is slated to become a globally recognised and adopted healthcare currency by 2024.

In practical terms, this currency will eventually be used to subsidise healthcare for anyone, anywhere; regardless of ethnicity, language, religion, or gender. You can find out more about the potential of CoviCoin here.

No, CoviCoin serves an actual purpose in the broader picture - as an alternative currency for global healthcare.

However, as this project was initially kickstarted in honour of the sacrifices of COVID-19 frontline workers, rewarding them with CoviCoins had been deemed the most appropriate first initiative.

No, there will be no impact as the total amount to be gifted consists no more than 5% of circulating CoviCoin supply.

CoviCoin is the brainchild of a diverse team comprising individuals with varying skillsets, hailing from different parts of the globe. You can find out more about our founders' profiles here.

The CoviCoin contract has been audited by Techrate, the report can be viewed here. To be clear, there exists no mint function within the contract and tokens outside of the soft launch are either locked away or burned. Additionally, the liquidity pool from the presale has been locked for an impressive period of 30 years till 2051.

For detailed information on CoviCoin tokenomics, refer to the White Paper.

Simply proceed here to buy Covicoins.

The goal is to have CoviCoin recognised as a mainstream healthcare currency in the next 3 years.

Till then, the value of CoviCoins will continue to appreciate and can be cashed out into cold hard cash out at any time. Just a tip - you may wish to hold off selling for now and wait for its peak value (i.e beyond 1000X initial listing value) that is expected to occur sometime in 2023 based on our roadmap.

Sign up here. Once approved, you will be notified and received detailed instructions on setting up your wallet to receive CoviCoins.

Certainly! If you believe in this project, do not hesitate to purchase more!

You could, but be sure to research thoroughly on a project before going in. The decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies makes it susceptible to a variety of undesirable schemes.

Broadly speaking, you are potentially classified as a frontline worker if you fall under one of the following categories:
• Healthcare and First Responders
• Food and Grocery Workers
• Essential Services
• Sanitation Workers

Also, you MUST have been in the role for at least 6 months. If you think you fit the bill, sign up here.

There is no time period, but it is expected to conclude no later than 2022 once we hit our goal of gifting 5% of circulating (at any certain point in time) to frontline workers.

A fairly broad range, from scouring public databases to employer verification. We partner with various professional background check agencies to carry out this process.

Great! Please allow us 1 to 2 weeks to get back to you with the outcome.